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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Discounts

Hello Friends,

It is nearing the end of the week and Valentine's Day is Monday! I just wanted to share some quick Valentine's Day deals with you!


*CVS currently has BOGO (buy one get one free) on the Whitman's Sampler and Russel Stover's Chocolates (Check your ad for the particular variety).

*CVS also has some deals on other Valentine's Day candy, which if paired with coupons or ecb's makes a good deal.

*At the time of this writing, Ebates (see clickable Ebates button on the right side of this page to access Ebates)
is giving a 20% rebate to your account when ordering by Teleflora through them. Flowers which are ordered through them are hand delivered by local florists. A 20% rebate is a good deal if you are ordering flowers for somemone for Valentine's Day. You will have to check on their website for details of this offer.

*When shopping in our local Food City the other day, I noticed that in the back of the store, was a display near the cheese aisle, that had a brand of cake mix/frosting with a coupon tear pad. I don't recall the brand. The coupon was for buy two frostings and get the cake mix free. What was on display at the time was Valentine's day themed mixes/frostings.

*At the time of this writing, if you click "like" on Facebook, you can print out a coupon for $2.00 off of two American Greetings Valentine's cards.

*Amazon is offering $2.00 off of MP3 gifts now through Valentine's Day. Click on the Amazon carousel above, which will take you to Amazon. When you get to the Amazon page,in the upper right hand corner, it will say, "Send MP3 Valentines to Friends". The discount code is VDAYMP3S
With some MP3 albums only $5.00, using the $2.00 discount makes some albums only $3.00. In some instances, using the code will allow you to download two songs for free. There are also other free downloadable songs on Amazon.

*Click on the Amazon carousel above. On the Amazon page, type in books in the search box. Click go. When books are listed, underneath the paperback version you will see the Kindle version. Scroll through looking for the free versions of Kindle books.

Locally, the dollar stores usually have good deals on cards. Reeds at the mall and Food City have everyday percentages off of many cards.

Hope that these Valentine's Day discounts are helpful!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Iva Jean

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