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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Introduction (Part 2)

Hi There! Glad you're back!

In Part I of my introduction, I gave a generalization of saving on purchases. There will be more details in following posts on how to do this, whether shopping online or in your brick and mortar stores. But my blog will be about more than just couponing, so stay tuned!If couponing is not for you, then hopefully in my other posts you will be able to carry away with you, something helpful.

With this blog, I also want to share how that there are so many other ways to save cents in our everyday lives. Be it using energy efficient light bulbs (Important right now with power bills so high!), decorating, or searching for the right cell phone plan. I say, "Why give all your hard earned money away, when you can save some here and there for splurging with later on a vacation (Sunny, warm beaches sure sound good right now!), or when you are saving for your daughter's "have to have" list (prom dressses, new boots, or the "I have nothing to wear" list. Don't get me wrong...I'm not on the frugal end, penny pinching....I just try to save a little here and there with everyday purchases or other finance related matters. Actually, if you drove by my house at night, you would see that we need to turn some of the lights off! lol That is another matter that we will have to work on here at home, as well as another blog post! And I am one of the guilty ones who leaves the lights on. Remember that I said, "One of the guilty ones....all of us here at home need to work on the light problem. If it weren't for using mostly CFL bulbs, we would sure be hurting more on our electric bill.

I am having so much fun working on this first blog of mine! I hope that you enjoy it and that you will come back to visit often! I'm still under construction on getting my layout done. There will be more pics soon. Please visit and leave a comment for me.

Thanks for visiting!
Iva Jean


  1. Ok, so I spent the $2 on a Lex newspaper and then stopped at Rite Aid (no CVS here) to see what they had on sale and spent $43 more.....hmmmm, I don't don't think this is saving me anything. LOL

    Truthfully Rite Aid has their photo albums on sale and I am in the process of putting my photos back into albums, since they have been waiting for years to be put in scrapbooks but never got there. At least my pics are out of the magnetic pages and are getting in archival quality albums now :)

  2. Dean, CVS had a BOGO on photo albums during some of our snow days, but I couldn't get out. Kodak had a printable BOGO (buy one get one free) coupon. Using the coupon with the CVS sale made both albums free, but I missed it. I read several posts from others on southernsavers.com, who came out with two free albums.