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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Freebies/Savings at CVS, Today 2/14/11

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Feb. 14, 2010


Today's trip to CVS was a great shopping trip! My two transactions were as follows:

-Got two of the Colgate toothpastes which were $3.79 each, used $1.25 in Colgate coupons, got back $7.58 in ecb's on the toothpaste. (Although, I used coupons, I still got the full value of the ecb's back, so this was a $1.25 money maker and is like getting both tubes of toothpaste for free!)

-Got the Reach toothbrush two pack on sale at $3.99, used a $1.00 coupon, got back $2.00 in ecb's, which in essence means almost free toothbrushes.

- Purchased Oil of Olay Body Wash, got a free Oil of Olay facial moisturinzing lotion that was reg. price of $8.99, used a coupon for the freebie. I am out of moisturizer so I needed this item for use now.

-Bought an Herbal Essence shampoo (had a facebook coupon for free bottle, bought Herbal Essence conditoner,used $1.00 off coupon, got back $2.00 in ecb's for purchasing two Herbal Essence products, even though I used a coupon for a free one, and a $1.00 off coupon on the other.

Since the shampoo, conditioner and the two Oil of Olay products totaled $20.00 before coupons, I got to use my $4.00 off of $20 beauty club certificate that was emailed to me today, which was for use on beauty products. So for my entire first transaction, I used a total of $19.25 in coupons, which brought my subtotal to $14.29THE BEFORE COUPONS and BEFORE SALE PRICES SUBTOTAL WAS AROUND $40.00.

To sum it up:
Before coupons and sale prices=$40.00 subtotal
After coupons and sale prices=$14.29 subtotal
Total Savings=$26.74
Total ecb's earned from first transaction=$11.58

Transaction 2

I used the $11.58 in ecb's to put on the purchase of the following;

Whitman's Candy Sampler, BOGO, which means buy one, get one free. Plus I used a $1.00coupon on Whitmas's. If I had two coupons, I could have used both. The boxes of candy were Valentine's Day gifts.

Two boxes of POST cereal, BOGO....I brought the wrong cereal coupon, or I would have also got a dollar off of this also.

1 can of Skintimate shaving gel was $1.99, used a coupon for $1.50 off.

Bought 2 American Greetings Valentine's cards, used Facebook printable of $2 off of 2A.G. cards. I could have got these at a less expensive elswhere, but to save time I got them at CVS.

Bought a gallon of milk @ $2.69,which is about the least expensive you can get milk around here. Got a small pack of NABISCO cookies @ $1.00 off with the pruchase of the milk.

I realize that this entry was a little long, but I wanted to demonstrate how you can put items that earn ecb's on one transaction, then turn around and use the ecb's on another transaction. I also wanted to demonstrate how that my before coupon total on the beauty items allowed me to use the $4.00 off of $20.00 beauty club coupon. I used the beauty club coupon BEFORE using my Oil of Olay and Herbal Essence coupons. And remember that I had a coupon for FREE shampoo and FREE Oil of OLAY moisturizer

Even if you don't need toothpaste right now, it's like getting it free with the ecb's. And you are allowed to purchase two with the ecb deal. Just check out your CVS circular and see what kind of deals you can whip up!!!!

Hopefully this info will help you when shopping at CVS. If you have any questions about how any of the above deals work, just message me.

For tomorrow, I am planning a blog entry about saving with groceries.

Thanks for visiting!
Iva Jean

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  1. Ok, forget the movies this weekend. You are taking me shopping. lol. Good job with the coupons. I am trying to get started too.