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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Summary of First Week's Blog Entries

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Feb. 13, 2010

During this writing, I wanted to express my appreciation to those of you have viewed my blog this week. I have been very excited about the visits to my blog site. I hope that the information has been beneficial.

I have had some email messages from a few viewers who have said that they have tried to post comments, but that the comments didn't show up. I believe that when you make a comment that you will need to click on the tab that says Google, sign in with your home email, then create a password for the google website. Much like you would set up an account with any site that you visit, you usually sign in with your personal email and create a password to the site. If that doesn't work, message me or send a comment to my Facebook and I'll see if I can help you with your post.

I wanted to sum up my first week's entries with reminding you of some of my favorite websites, which can be of help in assisting you to find deals on your purchases.

www.southernsavers.com lists various grocery stores and drug stores to help you in matching up sales and coupons.The site is also good at posting newly released printable coupons.

www.iheartcvs.com is also a great site for CVS shoppers. You can also obtain info on upcoming sales.

www.iheartthemart.com is a great site for Walmart shoppers. On the right side of the iheartthemart page is a section that shows you deals that you can get for under a dollar.

For the shopper who doesn't have time to coupon, visit the www.soap.com website. There is a button to the right of my page, which will take you directly to the site. You can scroll down on the first page of SOAP to the savings section. Click on that area and it shows you hundreds of products that you can apply ecoupons to. This site is also great for sending care packages to family members. You can also obtain free shipping as long as your "BEFORE" dicount total is $25.00. The after discount total does not have to be $25 for free shipping, or so it was in my experiences with ordering.

I have blogged about my favorite magazine from which to obtain coupons, which is the All You magazine. I received my March issue of All You in the mail yesterday. It contains $80 plus dollars of coupons in the March issue. There is also a coupon for ten dollars off of a twenty five dollar purchase at Fashion Bug. The magazine is available at the register area at Walmart, you can order directly from the company, or you can order the magazine from Amazon. Amazon currently has a magazine special going where you can order $20 worth of magazines and receive a ten dollar credit to use at Amazon. You can click on the Amazon carousel at the top of my post to go directly to Amazon.

Ebates gives you a rebate back from purchases made through their site. Currently, if you go through their magazine store, they are giving around a 26% rebate. Check the site for details as to how this works..the ebates button is to the right of this page. I have an ebates account, which is free. I have already earned around ten dollars in my account, by just going there to order via their site. There are stores such as American Eagle, FTD, Harry and David, photo shops, and numerous other shops, listed through ebates.

Well, I hope that everyone has saved a little this week!!! I'm working on my shopping and savings plan for this week! Be sure to get your free Colgate toothpaste at CVS. Toothpaste is free after ecb's. Check the front page of the CVS ad to see what Colgate toothpaste to purchase in order to get back ecb's for the total purchase amount of the Colgate. I will have to recheck my ad, but I think that you can do this deal twice. If it does allow you a limit of two, purchase the first Colgate toothpaste, get the ecbs back, then purchase the second Colgate with the ecb's you just received. You can even use coupons on the toothpaste to make the deal even better. There are several Colgate $1.00 coupons out there. I've saved them from previous Sunday papers and I know that I have one in one of my All You magazines. Message me or make a comment to any good deals that you find!!!

And, as I go, I will leave you with a new website to explore, which is www.couponmom.com. The coupon mom has been on televised shows, explaining her expertise. She has also written books on couponing. Click on the coupon data base on her site, to search for coupons that you are needing.

Have a great week shopping and saving! Just remember to have a plan. Hope to hear from you!

Iva Jean

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