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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coupon Sunday

Feb. 6, 2011


Well, today is the day that the Sunday papers hit the stands, which means coupon inserts should be tucked inside of most papers. Tips on obtaining coupons from the newspapers:
  • When purchasing a newspaper from the newspaper stand, inspect it to be sure that the coupon inserts are inside of the paper. Sometimes coupon inserts may accidently NOT be inserted into the paper OR as much as I hate to say this, sometimes they disappear!! So, be sure the coupon insert is in the newspaper.
  • Coupon inserts can vary by region. Locally, where I live, I find that the Lexington newspaper sometimes has more coupons than others available here. I also like to buy the weekend edition of our Pikeville paper just to keep up on local news, as well as to get coupons. If the newspaper has some REALLY good coupons that I know that I will use, then I'll buy an extra copy, especially when the Proctor and Gamble inserts are in the paper. You can get some really good deals with the Proctor and Gamble coupons, when paired up with sales from a local drug store in my area, that gives certain types of "bucks" on the register receipt for future purchases. Let's see, seems like the drug store has three letters in it's first name. Any takers on the store's name???? Well, let's just say that I snag a lot of deals at this store, usually at least 50% off, and on up, up, up in the percentage off, depending upon the sale, the coupons, and the Extra Care Bucks (ecb's).
  • If you get a newspaper today, save the coupon inserts and date the outside cover of the insert with today' date. You may need to refer to that particular copy in the future for finding coupons for products on sale.
  • Come back and visit my blog, as I will be letting you know if and what coupons I will be using from today's paper.

Before you go, let me fill you in on some more savings that I have received recently:

At a local supercenter:

  • 3 containers of Reach floss, coupons made them FREE.
  • 2 Scotch Brite sponges, coupons made them FREE.
  • 2 Athenos Greek Yogurt, coupons made them FREE.
  • 2 Athenos Greek Yogurt, coupons made them half price.
  • Colgate toothpaste, coupon made it .25.
  • Marie Callender's HomeBake (Reg. 4.49), coupon made it $2.49 (and it was delicious!)

Please come back and visit me soon! I want to share my savings and help my friends to save, too!


  1. Iva Jean,
    I have always wanted to take the time and become an extreme couponer. Have you watched the show on TLC where those people walk out of the store with thousands of dollars of merchandise and pay less than $5? I am now following you blog and am going to pledge today to get Sunday papers and start clipping. Thanks for doing this for everyone!

  2. Amy,
    Your comments are so sweet. If I can help you in any way, just message me. I'm not an expert, but I can share what I have learned and implemented.
    Thanks for being my first follower!!! I have watched the TLC show once. I'll have to say that I am not an Extremist with it. I have my little neat stack of toilet tissue and paper towels in the laundry room. And I have a tote sitting in my laundry room, full of mouthwash, tooth paste, dental floss, deoderant, personal products,shampoo, body wash, etc. And on my laundry item shelf unit, sits my bottles of detergents, fabric softener and two bottles of Tide Stain Release that I scored for .99 each. Just enough to keep my family of three stocked for a little while, but nothing that is taking over my laundry room! And everything that I got was at extremely low prices and a few items free!
    Iva Jean