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Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping at Soap

Hi Friends,

You may be asking, "What does it mean to shop at Soap"? Well through my internet searches on saving, several times I have run across blogs that included how to save by shopping at Soap. I thought to myself, "How could anyone shop for shampoo, detergent, toilet paper, etc. and come out ahead with the shipping. So, I did not immediately check out the site. Well, I have shopped at Soap twice during the last month and did great on my savings and ended up with free shipping both times!!! (See link to Soap on the right of this page.) Let me define my shopping experiences with the following info:

1) With my first shopping experience, all Ziplock products were half price, which made the items less expensive than shopping at the store with coupons. I decided to order the large Ziplock storage bags, which are used for storing clothing, sheets, blankets, etc. The size is approximately 24" x 30" as a guess. I thought these would be great to store my big collection of afgans, out of season clothes or anything else that would fit in the bags to store in the attic. Seeing that I have to reach boxes to my husband to put in the attic, while he is on the attic ladder, I figured these large see through, storage bags would be much easier to reach to him than boxes. They also fit nicely in a closet. I ordered four boxes, which contained three HUGE 20 gallon bags each. As I write this, I went to get one of my boxes to look at to obtain info. Pictures on the box include storage of Christmas wrap paper, sports equipment, toiletries, and basic "clutter'. Actually the bags are great to use in the trunk of your car to organize clutter that accumulates there. Well to sum it up, my order was somewhere around $25 before the discount, which gave me FREE SHIPPING! After the discount, my order came to around $15.00. Great deal for me! Ten dollars off and free shipping, and now I have a total of twelve humongous, sturdy, see through, Ziplock storage bags to help organize my household items.

2) My second order before discounts was around $26.00, which means free shipping. After discounts and ecoupons were applied, the order was around fourteen dollars. I decided I needed to purchase some items for my husband. All of the men's AXE products were half price. I purchased for him the Axe shampoo, Axe body spray, and Axe shower gel. I also ordered the large bag of Tide Stain Release Boost packs to add to the washload, and believe it or not I ordered a four pack, double roll of Charmin. I received a $12.00 total discount, received free shipping, and thus another great deal! I checked at a local store that same day and the same products would have costs me around $25 to $26 total.

If you are new to www.soap.com, do the following:
1. Click on the SOAP link on the right of this page, just to explore what products are available, even if you don't plan to purchase right now.
2. When you get to the website, on the home page, scroll down the page to where it says, "Find Hundreds of Products on Sale in the Savings Department". This is where you will find products that have ecoupons. You don't have to actually cut out coupons. There are ecoupons (internet coupons) available on hundreds of products. I have checked some of these products against products available at local stores and was surprised at the savings on some of them, because you can actually apply ecoupons to your purchase online. So, if you don't have coupons at home for products that you use, or you don't have time to look for coupons and cut them out, you could do an order on here, have it to come to $25 before the coupons in order to get the free shipping, but end up paying less than $25 because of the ecoupons! I was amazed! If you don't have the time to coupon at home, it is so easy and affordable to use this site to get good deals. A person could actually do a once a month order and get everyday items that you use at a really good price! Both of my orders were made on Monday by 6:00 PM and I received them on Wednesday of the same week. I believe they were delivered by Fed Ex.

The positives to shopping at www.soap.com
****You can apply ecoupons that are already on the site. After you click on the item that you want to add to the cart, you will need to check a little tiny box that appears in order to add the ecoupon.
****You can get free shipping if the total before discounts is $25.00. (Do not submit the order until you are SURE that your discounts were applied.
****Shipping is two day, if you order before 6:00 EST. I have never received shipped items from anywhere so quickly!!!
****This is a great way to send yourself a care package, send a care package to a college student, to a parent or to anyone!!!!!

Please read all of the details on the Soap website, in case any of the information that I have provided has changed. Before writing this, I did a practice order to see if the after discount total would still give me free shipping, and it did. (So be sure to check your totals and go for the free shipping!)

Compare ounces in the product you are looking for, because often the products may come in smaller or larger sizes.

Have fun scouting around at Soap. Click on the Soap button on the right side of this page. When you get to the Soap page, it will give you details on the 15% discount on your first order.

Although, I had thought the above was the end of my entry, I decided to do some price checking of some items on Soap.
-They have a 12 pk. of Charmin Ultra, the mega roll size, which is 4x a regular roll size, which is like getting 48 rolls of regualr roll tissue. The price is $15.39, with a .25 cent ecoupon. That is a pretty good deal, when you consider how much toilet paper you are getting! And you don't have to change the rolls out as much, when it is a mega roll! They have a good deal on Old Spice deoderant, with a $1.00 ecoupon, a good deal on Ajax cleanser with an ecoupon, and Head and Shoulders with ecoupon of $1.00. And as I said earlier, if you don't have time to clip coupons (or even get in on the local CVS deals), I'd say this is the next best thing!!!!

Thanks for visiting me today!
Iva Jean

P.S. If you haven't read my blog on the All You magazine, which is loaded with coupons, please do so. I received my March issue in the mail today, and it has $80 plus dollars worth of coupons in it, including one for $10 off of $25 at Fashion Bug!

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