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Thursday, February 10, 2011

All You Magazine (Lots of Coupons) and Ten Dollars Credit at Amazon

February 11, 2010

Hi Friends,

Today I want to write about a magazine that I subscribe to that is always loaded with coupons. The magazine, called All You is available at Walmart in the magazine sections near the registers. I believe that Walmart may be the only store that carries the magazine. It sells for around $2.42 an issue. Besides grocery coupons, it usually has cosmetic coupons and several times a year, I have seen Fashion Bug and Katherine coupons. Because it has several coupons, I have sometimes found it worthwhile to buy an extra copy if it has coupons that I will use. Of the magazines that I have read and subscribed to, I have found it to have the most coupons.

Other Places to Find the ALL You Magazine:

You can find the All You magazine directly at All You or you can purchase it at Amazon for around $1.66 per copy when subscribing. I have found that through Amazon to be the least exspensive way to purchase, so my subscritption for All You magazine is through Amazon. I have had my subscription for a year or two. There is a link to the All You magazine in the Amazon picture carousel above.

Currently, a six month subscription to All You is $10.00 on Amazon, and that includes free shipping. They do have 1 year and 2 year subscriptions available also. You can click on the above link in the picture carousel and when you get to the Amazon website, just type in All You magazine in the search box, if the magazine pic for some reason doesn't show up instantly.

Currently Amazon has a deal going this month. If you purchase $20.00 in the magazine store you will get a $10.00 promotion code to use on anything on Amazon. You will have to go to Amazon to read all of the details and see if there are any type of exclusions. After you get to the magazine that you are looking for, scroll down the page and you will see how this promotion works and what restrictions there are. You can also renew subscriptions to other magazines that you have, but you will have to read the details on that. I believe that if you currently have a magazine subscription, even if it is not through Amazon, that Amazon arranges with the publisher to have the magazine delivered after your current subscription expires. But, PLEASE read on the Amazon site as to how this works.

The All You magazine is a woman's magazine that contains intersting reading, including articles on saving.

Subscribing to the All You magazine is just another way that I have found to find good coupons, in additon to the Sunday paper, coupons found on Facebook, subscribing to a particular brand's mailing list for mailable coupons, and finding printable internet coupons.

Have fun finding your coupons and remember to not get discouraged! It takes time to gradually learn how to coupon successfully.

In future blog entries, I will be writing about how to organize your coupons, making a meal plan for the month, and making a master shopping list all in order to help you to be more organized with saving.

Thanks for visiting my blog and remember to click on the Amazon link above to check prices of the All You magazine, as well as to read about the Amazon promotion on purchasing $20 in the magazine store to get a $10 credit.

Iva Jean

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