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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Kindle Apps

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February 16, 2011

Boy, am I ever excited!!! My brother D started telling me over a week ago about free Kindle apps that you could get from Amazon. I put the free Kindle app link in the sidebar of this page, but am just now getting around to using it. He told me that you could download the Kindle app to your cellphone that has Android, as well as free Kindle books from Amazon. Well, I am just tickled pink!

First, I went to the Market icon on my cellphone. Then I typed in Kindle and easily downloaded the free Kindle app from Amazon, which included three free Kindle books. Next, I clicked on the Free Kindle App link from the sidebar on my blog page, which took me directly to Amazon. There I have already downloaded two other free books, one of which is Little Women, a classic of all time and a favorite of mine. The first time that I ever read the book was in seventh grade as a reading assignment. Loving history and anything about Abraham Lincoln, I downloaded a free book about Abraham.

Now, whenever I am waiting in the parking lot at school to pick up my daughter, I have instant reading material. Now, whenever I am waiting in the doctor's office or anywhere else, I have reading material.

Be sure to download your free Kindle app, as well as free Kindle books, by clicking on the link in my sidebar. Being that I don't own a Kindle or other specifically labeled, electronic reading device, this is great for me! Whenever you get to the Amazon free Kindle app page, it lists other devices that you can download the Kindle apps to, such as your PC.

Have fun getting in on these freebies from Amazon!

Iva Jean

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