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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


February 9, 2010

I joined Ebates a couple of years ago, but really didn't start using it until right before Christmas. I wished I had used it earlier! I have already earned around $10.00cash back into my account.

Right now Ebates is offering a $5.00 cash bonus for those who join. I didn't get that when I joined! Click on the Ebates button on my page (to the right), and it will direct you to the site for details.

Whenever you are going to make an online order, you go to Ebates first, search to see if the store you want to order from is there, click on the link, and it takes you to your online store. Ebates then puts a cash percent back into your Ebates account, depending upon your purchase amount and the deal. I have made online orders to photo shops, clothing stores such as Charlotte Russe, Harry and David, Soap.com etc. and have already earned money in my account.

FTD was offering a 20% rebate through Ebates, which to me would be less expensive than ordering FTD directly through florists. For those ordering for Valentine's Day, this would be a good deal.

Click on the Ebates button on my page, in order to join for free. As mentioned above, they are currently giving a $5.00 bonus. I don't know how long the offer is good for. You don't have to give any credit card info.

Anytime that I make an online order now, I go to Ebates first to see if the store has a link there.

Happy shopping and earning back through ebates.
Iva Jean

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